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Product line includes AC/DC & DC/DC, Open Frame, Battery Charger, Din Rail in over 3000 models. Custom designs are also available! Many units have UL, TUV, CB and CE approvals.

PRESTO - The First Multipurpose In-Circuit USB Programmer

PRESTO with cables

Extremely fast, extremely flexible, wide range of devices supported:

Programs and verifies a full PIC18F8720 in 6 seconds!

PRESTO supports
32-bit ARM-based MCUs, ATMEL AVR & 8051,
Texas Instruments MSP430, Cypress PSoC and more!


Only C$155!


BKnudsen C Compilers

Versions to support Microchip© PIC16© and PIC18© Families!

The Favourite in Europe - Now in North America!:

  • Compact code and efficient RAM usage are the outstanding features of CC5X. The compiler has been and is still leading in generating compact code. Variables up to 32 bit is supported, including bit variables and bit functions. CC5X is suited for real-time applications requiring strong control of the generated code. The code can be inspected in the comprehensive assembly file produced.

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Asix Products

  • Presto Programmer
  • RS-232 to USB convertor
  • Online orders for all produts!

Presto ICSP Programmer

The Presto  Programmer is a very flexible USB in-system programmer that supports a large variety of devices, PIC, AVR, 8051,MSP430 and ARM  microcontrollers as well as serial EEPROMs, serial data FLASH, CPLD & FPGA's.

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