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CC5X C Compiler for PIC 12/14/16 devices. Compact code and efficient RAM usage are the outstanding features of CC5X. The compiler has been and is still leading in generating compact code. Variables up to 32 bit is supported, including bit variables and bit functions. CC5X is suited for real-time applications requiring strong control of the generated code. The code can be inspected in the comprehensive assembly file produced.

CC8E C Compiler for PIC 18 devices. Supports all new PIC18 instructions and generates optimized code with specific following enhancements:

  • single cycle 8x8 hardware multiplication
  • supports all new instructions to enable more compact code
  • table read instructions read const data
  • up to 16 RAM banks and single instruction bank update
  • supports large tables and structures (>256 byte)

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The software license is delivered by e-mail (TXT file attachment). The installation program and documentation must be downloaded.

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